Sunday morning..and I’m writing again

I look forward to Sunday mornings because it’s the only time I can write.  I like reading the Sunday paper, then going to the computer to write this blog. My body dictates my Sunday mornings.  You’d think that I would be able to sleep in on my day off.  Unfortunately, my body clock doesn’t have a snooze button.  I think it’s permanently programmed to get up when the sund starts lighting up the sky.  Hey, I have to get up for work at that time the rest of the week, why should I get to sleep in on my days off? Greater minds than mine say that to get a good nights sleep you should keep a regular sleep schedule.

Yesterday, my daughter had some friends over for burgers and general silliness.  The event has roots from last summer.  Last June, she attended a local convention of anime enthusiasts, fantasy gamers, and geeks.  During the break in Saturday’s activities, she made the suggestion to her group to come over to the house.  Since it was close by and the prospects of free food were appealing, they made the trip over from the mall side of the city.  Now, fastforward to this year’s events.  I will give my daughter credit for giving us advance warning of more than a couple hours.  That gave us time to hit the local food warehouse.  With plenty of burgers, hotdogs and soda, we were ready for the 15 people my daughter had warned us would be desending upon our home.  Instead, we got my daughter, her boyfriend, his friend and some kids she knows from the high school anime club.  What developed after that was enjoyable.  There was a comfort level on their part to allow my wife and I to sit in on their conversation, was in good faith.  I could never imagine having my parents witness a similar event when I was my daughter’s age.   But the conversation was full of social cross-references and the occassional mention of DICK Cheney.  I always thought President Bubba was enough of comic relief but, apparently, the vice president and his hunting accident, was taking precident.  Then came the Monty Python and Homestar Runner references, along with the not-so-blatent sexual inuendos. which had my wife in tears from laughing.  That is, up until the ribbed comdom comments from my daughter’s friend Heather had my wife gagging.   Would I had been able to talk like that in front of my parents?  I doubt it, but I am glad they forgot that we were parents and that my wife and I let the whole event flow. Our thanks to Seth, Ninja Dan, Blynn, Jeremy, Jon, Heather and David for a fun time. 

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