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Early morning cooking (or burning)

Getting up early on a Saturday when you don’t have to sucks.  It’s one thing to do it on Sunday, my day off.  But my supervisor gave me Satuday off if I’d work on Monday.  Cool, we have to go to … Continue reading

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Turn back the hands of time…musically

It’s amazing what you can recall when you hear music.  It’s been said that music evokes the strongest emotional responses because of their associated memories.  Whenever I hear Christina Aguilliera’s “Ain’t Nobody But You”, that saucy bit of James Brown funk, … Continue reading

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Sunday morning..and I’m writing again

I look forward to Sunday mornings because it’s the only time I can write.  I like reading the Sunday paper, then going to the computer to write this blog. My body dictates my Sunday mornings.  You’d think that I would … Continue reading

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Quiet night of stars

I am fortunate to have a large backyard.  The latest trend here in my neighborhood is to take your large yard, subdivide and build a house.  It doesn’t give a person much green space.  The neighborhood is still very green, … Continue reading

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Wading in the Internet and streaming in the UK

I happened to glance at the date of the last entry before I started writing, and I realized that too much time has passed between entries.  I need to release the crud from my brain.  All I can think of … Continue reading

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